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The mini split series features:


Wifi Technology: Connect your technology devices such as smartphones and tablets, to your Mini-split through the internet and control it whenever and wherever you want.


Smart Inverter: You can save up to 75% on energy while reaching the desired temperature faster.


BlueFin Technology: Provides corrosion protection for coils in conditions where standard coatings fail.


4-Step Air Purification: Through the coil system, oxidized ions are distributed into the air, colliding with bacteria and viruses to inactivate their protein structures and counteract airborne poisons.


Smart Airflow: Up to 37% larger flap size blasts cold air upwards, further, and wider to give an immersive experience.


Clean Effortlessly: Its easy cleaning design makes it easier to disassemble and reinstall. Filter, vanes, plate, and flap simply detach and reassemble for manual cleaning.


Winter Proof: This mini split can run at full capacity in temperatures as low as 20°F/-6.7°C and at half capacity in temperatures as low as -13°F/-25°C.

18,000BTU 230V SEER 20

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